5 Ways To Improve Your Brain Function



We all agree that a healthy brain leads to better decisions and success.However, you may have had a memory lapse that has led to forgetting someone’s name or missing an appointment.You need to start working on improving your memory and brain health instead of waiting until you grow old.According to neuroscientists, as the brain ages, the number of neurons decreases until they are lost permanently.Dopamine is used to trigger the development of new neurons in the adult brains leading to higher brain function.

The brain continues to change regardless of its ability to form new neurons.As we age, the brain continually decreases in weight and volume.The brain loses up to ten percent of its weight between the age of twenty and ninety.According to a recent study, our lifestyle and other chronic health conditions also play a major role in reducing the size of the brain.Poor diet, minimal exercise, and other bad habits can lead to some heart diseases that limit the flow of blood to the brain.

There are some simple methods that will help you slow down the aging process of the brain, improve your brain health and even make you smarter.Here are the six ways that will help you improve your brain function.

Exercise Your Brain
Exercises apply to more than just building the muscles in our body.You need to exercise your mind by keeping it busy and trying to learn new things.You need to challenge your brain by brushing your teeth with the opposite hand or learning a new language so as to improve your overall brain health.Brain games, brain teasers, and some puzzles also create new neural pathways and connections in the brain.Other normal activities such as combing your hair also keep your brain busy and active.

Vary Your Activities
Most people are physically active but tend to engage in the same exercise routines.Mixing up routines from time to time is challenging to the body and the brain.By keeping your brain engaged to varying concepts and activities, you maintain a healthy brain function.The size and structure of the neurons change as you vary your activities.The variety of physical activities is just as healthy to the brain as it is to the body.

Eat Brain Food
According to studies, certain foods slow down the aging process of the brain as well as improving our general health.These brain-boosting foods are known to improve the brain function and memory performance.These foods are high in Omega-3 fats, EPA, and DHA.Omega-3 fatty acids are an essential part of both the brain and the retina.The body cannot produce these fats.Therefore, brain foods must be part of your daily diet.Supplements such as Vitamin E and Vitamin B-1 are also beneficial to improving the health of your brain.

Try New Things Outside The Gym
Trying new tricks out of the gym keeps your brain active and able to learn.For a healthy brain, you need to make an effort of memorizing a new poem or reconnecting to your memories. Perform tasks that involve using your hands such as playing an instrument, painting, crafts or anything that involves finger movements.Listening to music has also been associated with strengthening the brain and making you smarter.Music improves your memory, focus, and verbal fluency.Put on some music outside the gym and you will greatly improve your brain function.

According to a recent study, we need social activity to stimulate our brains and keep our minds sharp.Maintaining rich and meaningful social interactions is the key to mental sharpness.People with an extended network of friends have their brains working at the ideal capacity.Older adults who are less social are more likely to suffer from mental conditions.Remember, no man is an island.

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