The Everyday Food That Can Destroy Your Brain: You Probably Ate It Today

Unknown to most people and most doctors, there’s a common food that can destroy your brain and make you suffer dementia as devastating as Alzheimer’s. Chances are, you eat this food every day and if you started losing your memory and personality you’d never even suspect this food was to blame.

The everyday food so potentially dangerous: Bread.

Do you ever give any thought to the fact that what you eat at every meal can have serious, unexpected consequences for the health of your brain? You should. Something as seemingly harmless as a piece of bread can knock out pieces of your memory. Or destroy it entirely.

Consider the case of a 58-year-old who thought he was suffering Alzheimer’s. He began forgetting conversations minutes after they ended. (Didn’t just forget the subjects of those conversations, forgot he’d ever had them.) Hit the gas pedal instead of the brakes on his car. Unknowingly told stories to friends a few moments after he’d just told them the same stories. Couldn’t even remember where the silverware was kept in a house where he’d lived for twenty years.

And just when he thought he might soon be institutionalized, he heard about a study at the Mayo Clinic that showed some people can suffer from Alzheimer’s-like symptoms linked to gluten, a group of proteins found in wheat, barley and rye. Of course, in the American diet wheat is by far the most common of these three grains.

Seeing a ray of hope, he decided to try a gluten-free diet. He figured he had nothing to lose. His doctor couldn’t offer him any help. According to the doctor, his type of early-onset dementia was incurable.

So he gave up bread and other foods like beer, cake, pizza and pretzels that contain gluten.

The result? Within two weeks, with that single change of diet, his brain began to mend. His memory began a steady return. His friends and family immediately noticed the difference. The angry, forgetful, confused man had recovered the use of his brain.